Common Problems for couples that are into swinging

When people hear the word swingers, they imagine it being something from the 60s and 70s. However, recent data shows there are now more swinging couples than ever before. As folks are becoming more liberal in their views, so has how they feel about sex. That includes getting into some form of swinging with their partners. Despite popular belief, males are not the ones who push their partners into swinging. On the contrary since females are the ones which drive the swinger’s culture. Yet there are many problems waiting on the other end for couples who engage in these alternate lifestyles.

One of the first problems lurking for swingers is when they don’t agree on a potential swinging partner. Some couples may not want their partner to do anything with a particular someone; especially sexual intercourse. When one of the two people engages in sex with a person their partner dislikes, it can be problematic. More so if the other individual continues to do so after the other person’s objections. Experts on swinging advise couples to always try to bring in someone into their circle who both agree on.

Swingers have extra issues normal couples do not. For instance, once they get into foursome sex, they sometimes worry about four people, not just two. Other times, one partner may have sex outside the unison more than the other. If a man watches his partner having sex 4 times with another person while he only had one encounter for instance or vice versa. That’s why a lot of swingers have pre-established amounts and limits for each other. That is when it pertains to the number of sexual encounters they can have outside the relationship.

A common issue for swingers is that they have to be discreet about their lifestyle. This despite the fact that they have such an open minded relationship. But these people are vulnerable to how their communities, friends and families might view them if they were found out. In the end, unquestionable commitment is key for any couple who’s into swinging or plans on getting into it. Without it, these problems and others can end up ruining their relationship.

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