The Rise of the Swinger Couple Lifestyle

For a large portion of the world’s population, monogamy is attached to marriage. At least that’s how they envision people will feel when they agree to being in a committed relationship. It may help explain why they may find couples in the swinging lifestyle a bit confusing. How can someone who is married or with someone they love, be fine with their partners swinging? Why is it okay for swingers to watch their husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse, have sex with someone else?

When looking at it from that perspective, no one would ever think that the swinging lifestyle would be so popular. However, recent data shows that the past few years, there has been a significant rise in couples who swing. Adult sites have reported a huge spike in the amount of activity swinger porn material receives. The category has managed to pass several others as far as popularity. While this alone is not reason enough to use as factual evidence, it does help paint a wider picture. History has taught us that when people spend a great deal of time looking at certain type of pornography, it relates back to the real world.

To understand why the rise in the swinging lifestyle is taking place, one needs to hear actual swingers explain it all. Those who hold on to traditional views of what marriage or committed relationships should be like, see things different. For them, they think that couples who are swingers could never be really happy. But according to statistics and research, that is not the case. At least not when it comes to total sexual satisfaction.

Couples who are married or who practice monogamy when having sex, experience less orgasms than swingers do. Women in these relationships especially, are 25% less likely to achieve an orgasm while men are about 15%. However, for couples who are swingers, the number of times they do not have orgasms is far lower. Females in swinging relationships do not achieve orgasms only about 18% of the time when having sex. Men are left dissatisfied or do not orgasm about 12%.

Additionally, those who engage in swinging are less likely to have problems which plague most regular relationships. Many marriages or unisons end in a breakup because of infidelity. Or issues related to arguments about jealousy. For couples who swing, this is never an issue since they have an open relationship. That is not to say that they don’t have problems like traditional partners do. But they are far less when it comes to those issues mentioned.

While not every individual is ready to see his or her partner have threesome sex or get involved in swinging, others are taking the plunge. Perhaps as society continues to become more liberal in its views, conventional lifestyles are taking a backseat. People’s willingness to explore their sexuality and accept others, is also playing a pivotal role. The same for those who enjoy having sexual relationships and recording it. Moreover, sharing their sexual experiences with others by uploading their homemade sex movies online with the rest of the world.

All of these things are part of why there is a rise in the swinger lifestyle. And how people think and feel about it all in the first place.